Multiplex Electric Harvester

Multiplex Electric Harvester

Compact Electric Fruit Harvest Platform by Kirkland UK
Electric Harvester Kirkland UK
Electric Harvester Kirkland UK 2
Harvest 100% Electric

Multiplex Electric Harvester

This fully electric fruit harvesting machine has been designed and tested to speed up and facilitate harvesting. Using the same base as the Multiplex Platform, the system with belts is able to work optimally on slopes of up to 20%.

Manufactured in Italy, these impressive harvesters are built with a unique levelling system, providing extra stability on steep slopes.

Benefits include:

-A lot of use with one charge of batteries: you can work up to 5 days with the platform (8h per day) and 3 days with the belts before recharging

-With the automatic unloading of bins with belts for harvesting you can unload a full bin and load the empty one in LESS than 30 seconds

-Increased productivity and reduced labour costs.

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