World's First Fully Automated Harvester

World's First Fully Automated Harvester

Labour-Saving, Fully Automated Harvester!

We had a fantastic time visiting FRUIT LOGISTICA & getting to see world’s first fully automated fruit picking system by Darwin Harvesting Group & Tevel Aerobotics Technologies LTD! Contact us if you would like to see this impressive machine working in Italy this season. Orders will be taken for delivery next year.

Yaniv Maor (Tevel) and Stefan Scharrer (Darwin), founders of both companies:
“We are combining our visions about the future of fruit harvesting mechanisation by creating this innovative project of integration between FAR - Flying Autonomous Robots - and Tecnofruit, the go-to harvesting system in more than 30 countries. Thanks to the Israeli-Spanish-Italian working group, with broad experience, skills and knowledge it was possible to create the first robotic harvesting system ready to be used in the field. Using the current Darwin award-winning fruit harvester we can now combine Tecnofruit’s and Tevel’s technologies to create the world’s first fully automated fruit picking system.”
The benefits for you:

  • Control & performance measurement
  • Real time information on quantity, quality, size, weight, and color of the fruit picked;
  • Reporting of harvesting results: growers can protect their position in the marketing chain; Integration into smart farming processes
    Performance boost & savings:
  • Labour & manpower cost reduction
  • Gentle gathering of fruits by FAR consistently (without human interference); improvement of the fruit quality
  • Careful conveying of fruits through our proven conveyor belt system into the bin.
  • Picking time reduction
  • 24/7 working time
  • Harvesting of fruit in the best ripening condition with consequent better cool storage conservation and better price
    Support & experience
  • Our experience will be at your disposal to choose in presales the right integrated FAR harvester
  • Training and technical support: you will never be alone in the field
    Our expert team will be always on your side to support and optimize your crop, 24/7
  • Software update and monitoring
  • Flexibility & simplification
  • System has been proven on different kinds of fruit: apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots
  • Access to our system in different ways: purchase / rental / contractors
    “Bolt on” solution – upgrade your current Tecnofruit fruit picking harvesting system
  • The robotic harvester and the traditional Tecnofruit can coexist in the same orchard

    Future improvement
  • Pruning, thinning and other field tasks that need to be automised (under development). You can always use the latest version of our harvester
  • Harvesting of additional types of fruits: citrus, avocado, mango, etc.

Automated Tecnofruit Harvester
Two computers showing images of farm machinery

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