UNBEATABLE MACH 4R | Featured in the Forestry Journal buyers guide

UNBEATABLE MACH 4R | Featured in the Forestry Journal buyers guide


Featured in the Forestry Journal buyers guide!

The ultimate in traction and weight distribution, this model barely marks the ground even in very wet conditions thanks to its four independent rubber tracks and it will go just about anywhere.
Contractor, Jonathan Latham is extremely pleased with his MACH 4:

“Initially we brought the MACH 4 for our 1.2mtr FAE forestry mulcher for scrub clearance on an extremely steep site; and it came into its own. I had done the same job a few years previously with a wheeled AC and felt very unstable, thought I could tip over any minute. Whereas using the MACH 4, the 4 big flat tracks made me feel far more secure and stable. Also, with this job you can really only do it using the reverse drive, so the Antonio Carraro is perfect…and an added bonus is that the tracks don’t get any punctures!”

Built with an ACTIO full chassis with oscillation, the cast iron full chassis hosts the tractor's transmission with a central articulated joint which allows a longitudinal oscillation up to 15°; the two oscillating ends follow the contours of the terrain independently, thus assuring stability & traction at all times.

AC was the first manufacturer in the world to introduce the unique reversible driving system back in 1970. Simply turn the seat/steering wheel/dash/pedal assembly 180° for an identical, but reverse, driving direction giving the operator optimal vision when using rear or front mounted attachment.

Equipped with reverse drive, the MACH 4 is extremely manoeuvrable even in confined spaces, capable of making tight turns without digging in. Using the tracked machine, you avoid the pivot turns typical of conventional crawlers which damage the ground when executing headland manoeuvres.

For more information on the Antonio Carraro Alpine Tractors contact UK importer Kirkland UK on 01622 843013/email info@kirklanduk.com

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