Zapptizer Machinery Sanitiser Zapitiser
Zapptizer - Sanitise your machinery with Kirkland UKZapptizer with misting gun
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Zapptizer Machinery Sanitiser

Zapptizer machinery sanitiser gives you 22ltrs of instant sanitisation with a misting gun, ideal to sanitise your machinery and warehouses. 1x canister sanitises up to 750sqm.

Alcohol-free: no issues with skin drying, irritation, flammability or substance abuse.
Active biocides: give effective and residual action, unlike alcohol-based products.
Unique dual-quat: provides effective control of the widest range of micro-organisms; including bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Non-staining: Can be used on multiple surfaces without damage.
Non-corrosive: Can be used on multiple surfaces without risk of corrosion.

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ZTC22 Zapptizer Machinery Sanitiser

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