Tecnofruit Orchard Harvesting Machine

Tecnofruit Orchard Harvesting Machine

Tecnofruit Orchard Harvester
Tecnofruit Harvesting Machine
Tecnofruit Harvesting Machine
Tecnofruit Harvesting Machine Kirkland
Tecnofruit Harvesting Machine
Frumaco Machine

Tecnofruit Orchard Harvesting Machine

If you are looking for an Orchard Harvester then this is the answer. The Tecnofruit harvester is a very well built machine with lots of excellent features offering another method of harvesting, pruning and tieing. Available in 2 models with various options including self levelling and a semi automatic bin trailer. These machines are fitted with Kubota Engines for reliability and performance as well as hydrostatic drive.

Unique from all other harvesters on the market, the Tecnofruit comes with the below features:

  • 4WD for exceptional performance.
  • Simple 3 bolt system to convert platforms for winter work.
  • Independent drive and conveyor speeds.
  • Auto-levelling and auto-steer.
  • Optional Bin Handling System

"We decided to go with the Tecnofruit Harvesters as they come with loading trailers. This saves us having to bin out; the trailers fit 15 bins and you can go almost anywhere with them. Also have a diesel engine means we can get 2 days of work done with just 1 tank. We currently have 20 Tecnofruits working in our farms and are looking to get more for next year." Radek, Farm Manager at AC Goathams.

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Product models available

Part no Description Weight Select
PLFR110 Frumaco Tecnofruit Cf110 Harvester - 35hp Kubota Diesel Engine C/W Semi Automatic Bin 2355kg
PLFR105 Frumaco Tecnofruit Cf105 Harvester - 24hp Kubota Diesel 1950kg

See the Tecnofruit Orchard Harvesting Machine in action

Part Number Description SPL028 Semi Automatic Bin Trailer (Only With Option Eqp040) SPL029 Trailer With 4 Pivot Wheels (Only With Option Eqp041) EQP040 Set Up Of Machine To Work With Spl028 EQP041 Set Up Of Machine To Work With Spl029 Or To Drop Bins On The Ground SPL008 Ultra Sound Steering Unit SPL020 Pre Sorting Fruit Container SPL021 Extra Rear Platform With Joystick (Max Height 2950mm) SPL024 2 Additional Lateral Belts (Cf105 Only) SPL023 4WD System (Cf105 Only) SPL036 4WD With Hydraulic Brake System (Cf110 Only)

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