Orizzonti Dual blade trimmer CFT2/600

Orizzonti Dual blade trimmer CFT2/600

Orizzonti Vine Trimmer -CFT2-600
cft2-600 dual vine trimmer
cft2 600 dual vine trimmer by Kirkland UK
Pruning Equipment

Orizzonti Dual blade trimmer CFT2/600

ThIS Orizzonti dual-bladed CFT2 600 Orizzonti fixed column pruning machine, mounted on the front of the tractor, has 2 vertical dual-bladed mowing bars and 2 upper topping bars.

Complete with electro-hydraulic distributor with 5 functions for movement of the structure, the CFT2 600 is an ideal machine for the management of large vineyards thanks to its dual mowing bars.

Requirements: 180 bar with 22 litres oil/min; compatible with tractors of 60 hp/40 kW.

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cft2 600 tecnhical datacft2 technical data
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