Mankar Mounted Herbicide Sprayer

Mankar Mounted Herbicide Sprayer

Mankar Mounted Herbicide Sprayer

Mankar Mounted Herbicide Sprayer

This unique spraying system uses atomiser technology therefore spraying without water and saving up to 80% on herbicides. Minimum herbicide usage - For example 1 L/ha Glyphosate. Time saving - No frequent refilling and no mixing with water necessary. Optimal protection of plants - Pressureless means precise application with minimal risk of drift. No problem of disposal - Remaining herbicide back into original container.

These models can be built to any width required and can be fitted with hydraulic adjustment for height and width if specified.

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Product models available

Part no Description Select
MASPV25 Mankar Varimant Two-S 25 Flex - Includes 2 x 250mm Heads (Working width 1-1.5mtr)
MASPV40 Mankar Varimant Two-S 40 Flex - Includes 2 x 400mm Heads (Working width 1.3-1.8mtr)
MASPV55 Mankar Varimant Two-S 55 Flex - Includes 2 x 550mm Heads (Working width 1.6-2.1mtr)
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