Kirkland Tower Duoprop Sprayer

Kirkland Tower Duoprop Sprayer

Another outstanding Kirkland model, this Duoprop is ideal for giving excellent coverage where height is limited (i.e under low covers, nets and tunnels) This machine is also ideal for raspberries, blackberries etc as we also produce a compact narrower version.

The standard spec on this Kirkland Tower Duoprop Sprayer is as follows: Available in 1000ltr, 1500ltr and 2000ltr tank sizes, 2.25mtr or 2.5mtr Tower height, double fans, 2 speed fan gearbox, twin nozzle bodies, comet 5 diaphragm 140ltr/min pump, two brass pressure filter housings and solenoids, bottle rinser/powder mixer, heavy duty wide angle PTO shaft, full road lighting, adjustable axle and drawbar, clean water tank and separate hand wash tank as standard. Fully galvanised and painted steelwork for long life. Standard width 1450mm. See separate listing for options available with this sprayer.

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Product models available

Part No Description Select
SPBDU101 Kirkland Tower Duoprop Sprayer - 16 Nozzles, 1000ltr / 2.25mtr
SPBDU102 Kirkland Tower Duoprop Sprayer - 16 Nozzles, 1500ltr / 2.25mtr
SPBDU151 Kirkland Tower Duoprop Sprayer - 16 Nozzles, 2000ltr / 2.25mtr
SPBDU152 Kirkland Tower Duoprop Sprayer - 18 Nozzles, 1000ltr / 2.5mtr
SPBDU201 Kirkland Tower Duoprop Sprayer - 18 Nozzles, 1500ltr / 2.5mtr
SPBDU202 Kirkland Tower Duoprop Sprayer - 18 Nozzles, 2000ltr / 2.5mtr

Ask about our wide range of optional extras

Part Number Description
SPBOP01 High Pressure Piston Pump – 80ltr/min
SPBOP18 Brass AR 3 Diaphragm Pump – 135ltr/min
SPBOP02 Electrical Pressure Regulator Valve
SPBOP03 Hydraulic Agitator Pump Kit
SPBOP04 2 x Additional Electrovalves – To Shut Off Top Boom Section
SPBOP05 Large Wheels and Tyres 15.0/55-17 10ply (Makes Width 1550mm)
SPBOP10 Heavy Duty Super Hitch (N/A On Mos)
SPBOP06 Antidrip Triple Nozzle Bodies (Each)
SPBOP15 Brakes, Per Axle
SPBOP16 Double Axle (C/W Wheels 10.0/75-15.3 18ply)
SPBOP09 Kirkland Touch Screen Data Logging Computer System

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