Kirkland Mos Sprayer

When it comes to spray mowing, this is the answer. This Kirkland MOS sprayer range offers all the benefits of the Triprop/Quatt range but with the added benefit of a mid mounted mower. This mower can be lowered and raised hydraulically and removed via two pins if required.

A very impressive part of this machine is the hitch arrangement with full adjustable suspension, giving a superb ride and significantly reduced stress to the tractor and machine. The twin gearbox turntable hitch means that a wide angle PTO shaft is not required therefore reducing expensive PTO shaft repairs/replacements. Available in 2000ltr tank size, Duoprop, Triprop or Quatt Tower options, 2 or 2.2mtr mower, 2 speed fan gearbox, twin nozzle bodies, Comet 5 diaphragm 140ltr/min pump, two brass pressure filter housings and solenoids, bottle rinser/powder mixer, full road lighting, adjustable axle, clean water tank and separate hand wash tank as standard. Fully galvanised and painted steelwork for long life.

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Product models available

Part No Description Select
SPBCOD201 Kirkland 2000ltr/2.0mtr Mower/2.5mtr Tower MOS Duoprop - 18 Nozzles, 2000ltr /2.0mtr
SPBCOD202 Kirkland 2000ltr/2.2mtr Mower/2.5mtr Tower MOS Duoprop - 18 Nozzles, 2000ltr /2.2mtr
SPBCOT201 Kirkland 2000ltr/2.0mtr Mower/2.9mtr Tower MOS Triprop - 18 Nozzles, 2000ltr /2.0mtr
SPBCOT202 Kirkland 2000ltr/2.2mtr Mower/2.9mtr Tower MOS Triprop - 18 Nozzles, 2000ltr /2.2mtr
SPBCOQ201 Kirkland 2000ltr/2.0mtr Mower/3.7mtr Tower MOS Quatt - 24 Nozzles, 2000ltr /2.0mtr
SPBCOQ202 Kirkland 2000ltr/2.2mtr Mower/3.7mtr Tower MOS Quatt - 24 Nozzles, 2000ltr /2.2mtr

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Part Number Description
SPBOP01 High Pressure Piston Pump – 80ltr/min
SPBOP18 Brass AR 3 Diaphragm Pump – 135ltr/min
SPBOP02 Electrical Pressure Regulator Valve
SPBOP03 Hydraulic Agitator Pump Kit
SPBOP04 2 x Additional Electrovalves – To Shut Off Top Boom Section
SPBOP05 Large Wheels and Tyres 15.0/55-17 10ply (Makes Width 1550mm)
SPBOP10 Heavy Duty Super Hitch (N/A On Mos)
SPBOP06 Antidrip Triple Nozzle Bodies (Each)
SPBOP15 Brakes, Per Axle
SPBOP16 Double Axle (C/W Wheels 10.0/75-15.3 18ply)
SPBOP09 Kirkland Touch Screen Data Logging Computer System

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