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Compact Wheeled Loaders

Giant G5000 Wheeled Loader Range

The G5000 Models are designed to operate in small spaces and on rough terrain. Not only the low weight and compact dimensions ensure this, but the articulated pendulum joint gives the machines a small turning circle and makes them extremely manoeuvrable. The system ensures that all four wheels remain on the ground, even when working on uneven terrain. This allows you to work safely as well as offer sufficient traction. The G4500 comes as a standard version, a tele version with an maximum lifting height of 4.35 meters & XTRA version with an increased tipping load to 4470kg.

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Product models available

Part No Lift Height Service Weight Tipping Load Select
G5000 TELE 4350 5100 See Graph
G5000 X-TRA 2850 5100 4965
G5000 3500 5200 3510

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