Giant G2200 Wheeled Loader Range
Compact Wheeled Loaders

Giant G2200 Wheeled Loader Range

Introducing the Giant G2200 Articulated Loader Range. TOBROCO-GIANT have come up with 6 new models from 2200kg all built with 26hp Kubota engines and narrow width of 1080mm. These compact loaders are built with a Stage V engine, without DOC and DPF system. This means that these models are developed in such a way that they do not have to regenerate. Available as standard, XTRA & HD models; the G2200 XTRA is equipped with a lower boom allowing the machine a lift capacity of 2200kg & lift height of 2450mm compared to the standard model with a lifting capacity of 1650kg & lifting height of 2825mm. There is also the heavy-duty range available which offers a higher tractive force of 14.300 N.

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Product models available

Part No Lift Height (mm) Lift Capacity (kg) Service Weight (kg) Pulling Force (N) Select
G2200 HD+ X-TRA 2450 2200 2200 23.000
G2200 HD+ 2825 1650 2100 23.000
G2200 HD X-TRA 2450 2200 2200 14.300
G2200 HD 2825 1650 2100 14.300
G2200 X-TRA 2450 2200 2200 12.600
G2200 2825 1650 2100 12.600

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