FRIULI Drift Recovery 1500ltr 2 Row Sprayer

FRIULI Drift Recovery 1500ltr 2 Row Sprayer

FRIULI Drift Recovery Sprayer
Drift Recovery Sprayer in Vineyards
FRIULI Drift Recovery Sprayer in Vineyards
Sustainable Drift Recovery Sprayer for vineyards

FRIULI Drift Recovery 1500ltr 2 Row Sprayer

This impressive FRIULI 2 Row Sprayer is able to recirculates unused mist back into the sprayer reducing wastage. This is one of the most sustainable sprayers on the market, ideal for vineyards. This machine is suitable for rows measuring 1.80mtr-4mtrs. Around 80% of spray is recirculated at the beginning of the season and around 20-25% saved on the last treatments. The seasonal average saving has been calculated around 50%.

Benefits Include:

• Chemical saving – up to 80% saving in the beginning of the season, between 10-15% in full canopy.

• Less filing up through the course of the day – with the recovery of product there’s less filling up even compared to a 3 row sprayer.

• Less l/ha needed – thanks to the excellent coverage the system runs with a lot less pressure and need of so much product on the vines.

• Very little drift – excellent for sites close to houses, walkways and waterways. • Very quiet compared to other 2 or 3 row sprayers – something customers picked up on the demo’s.

• Spray when you need, not just when you can – with the drift recovery such as with these machines you will be able to spray when you need to spray and not be so dependent on the weather.

• Pre-set functions on the computer system – a single button to push when exiting a row, and again when you enter the row. Perfect for tight headlands, a lot less for operators to remember/set-up.

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