BSK KOKAN Berry Harvester

BSK KOKAN Berry Harvester

BSK Berry Harvester
KOKAN Berry Harvester
Berry Harvester for UK Fruit Growers
KOKAN Harvester
Harvester for soft fruit by Kirkland UK
Air Jet Berry Harvester
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BSK KOKAN Berry Harvester

This new, innovative machine harvests blueberries by air pulsations, shaking green mass by air pulsation of controlled speed/intensity allows harvesting without damaging plants or berries. This Multi-functional harvester is ideal for a wide range of soft fruits including Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Black Currants. the KOKAN500S offers air shaking and the purifying of fruits which ensures:
• Selective harvesting – harvesting mature fruits only;
• Do not come to break gender branches and reduce the yield;
• Capability of harvesting from the beginning of harvesting season, when there is a greater number of immature than ripe fruits;
• Ability to harvest the same row from day to day without fear of trauma or damage to the plant;
• Do not come to break gender branches and reduce the yield;
• Air Jet Technology with technology of soft berry drops (pneumatic pillows) allows mechanically blueberry harvesting for the fresh market at the level of manual harvesting quality.

Advantages of Air Jet harvesting over manual picking

• It replaces up to 200 pickers a day;
• Meets Food Safety Standards (HACCP);
• Increases yield in kilograms;
• It prevents the onset and development of the disease;
• It enables planting to be extended to economic viability;
• Increases dry matter content by 50% over hand-picked fruits.


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