Antonio Carraro Mach 4 R Quadtrack - 75 / 98hp

Antonio Carraro Mach 4 R Quadtrack - 75 / 98hp

Antonio Carraro MACH 4
Antonio Carraro MACH 4R
Antonio Carraro Mach 4 R Quadtrack
Antonio Carraro MACH 4R
MACH 4R Quadtrack
Antonio Carraro Tractors

Antonio Carraro Mach 4 R Quadtrack - 75 / 98hp

Featuring the impressive Antonio Carraro MACH 4R. The ultimate in traction and weight distribution, this model barely marks the ground even in very wet conditions thanks to its four independent rubber tracks and it will go just about anywhere! Designed for use in extreme conditions where other tractors cannot operate: steep gradients (including side slopes) and tough terrain. On mud, snow, and even rain-soaked ground, the MACH 4 tracked tractor works with minimum ground compaction. Whatever the weather, you can keep on working, even in conditions that would halt a conventional wheeled tractor. Built with an ACTIO full chassis with oscillation - the cast iron full chassis hosts the tractors transmission with a central articulated joint which allows a longitudinal oscillation up to 15°; the two oscillating ends follow the contours of the terrain independently, thus assuring stability & traction at all times.

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Product models available

Part no Power Engine Transmission Weight Capacity Select
MACH 4 8900 R 75hp KUBOTA - 4 Cylinders - 16 Valves - TURBO Stage 5 - Common rail - 3769 CC 32-speed synchronised gearbox: 16 forward + 16 reverse gears with synchronised shuttle With roll bar (Kg): 3200 | With cab (Kg): 3380 2400
MACH 4 10900 R 98hp Kubota - 4 cyl - 16V - Turbo Stage 3B - Common Rail - EGR Injection with electronic control 16+16 synchronized reverser 3150 (rollbar) 3300 (Air cab) 2300

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