AgBot Robotic Driverless Sprayer

AgBot Robotic Driverless Sprayer

Agbot Driverless Sprayer by Kirkland UK
AgBot sprayer, robotics by Kirkland UK
Robotic Sprayer by Kirkland UK
h.s.s robotic sprayer

AgBot Robotic Driverless Sprayer

Using cutting edge technology, this driverless sprayer can save you up to 80% on labour costs & 1/3 saving on fuel when compared to a tractor.

The sprayer mounted on the AgBot can be equipped with innovative technologies like wind control, variable rate application and chlorophyll sensors detecting foliage for optimal coverage.

These sensors are also used to determine and record tree shapes and heights and calculate growing power of for instance apple and pear trees.

The wheelbase is 2.5mtr & thanks to the wide steering angle of the front wheel, 6mtr free space is sufficient to turn on headlands.

The AgBot base allows you to attach a mower / mulcher or weeder &
watch the AgBot do the work!

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