Finance Deal on TONY V

Finance Deal on TONY V

We are offering an unbeatable offer of 0% finance over 24 months on the TONY V running through the whole of October. Enquire Today!

The TONY V is Antonio Carraro's new conventional style tractor. With innovation, research & design being at the forefront of Antonio Carraro’s beliefs; the new TONY V stands out thanks to its impressive & ground-breaking features:

  • The oscillating front axle provides the driver with an excellent turning angle, making it perfect for extremely tight headlands.
  • A well-built cab giving the driver maximum comfort thanks to its spacious and high-tech design, which has a Cat 4 pressurised spray cab, ensuring maximum safety for the operator and auto climate control.
  • The automatic functions from the Tractor Management Control allow various parameters to be set for all types of work.
  • The speed is independent to rpm’s, and can be programmed separately. Constant work velocity is managed by the cruise control system –and all these settings allow for optimal work, ensuring efficiency and productivity in the field.
  • It comes as standard with the multi-functional joystick, controlling up to 9 double acting spools, positioned both rear and at the middle.
  • AC have designed this model with the user in mind, there is a large clear area at the middle of the tractor, for ease of mounting vineyard tools.
  • The TONY 8700 V is one of AC’s narrowest models with an overall width of less than one metre, giving you extra space through those tricky narrow rows and manoeuvres.
Antonio Carraro TONY V

Take a tour of the TONY V here:

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