#EnglishWineWeek Top 5 Vineyard Machines

#EnglishWineWeek Top 5 Vineyard Machines

To celebrate #EnglishWineWeek we've put together a list of our top 5 machines for UK vineyards:

Antonio Carraro Vineyard Tractors

Antonio Carraro Tractors
The Antonio Carraro Tractors range from 26-98hp. Offering a minimum width of 985mm, AC tractors are designed specifically to work in vineyards with a minimal steering radius & the lowest possible compaction. The even weight distribution reduces soil compaction within rows & avoids root damage. Popular with many UK Vineyards, the equal wheel distribution ensures the operator has increased stability, comfort & traction; especially on rough terrain and steep slopes.

Orizzonti Mechanical Cultivation

Orizzonti Mechanical Weeding

We are the UK importers for Italian Manufacturer, Orizzonti who supply single & double row cultivators. With over 20 tool heads to choose from, you can tailor the machine to your needs, your soil type and ultimately your desired finished result under-vine. The frames are easy to maintain which helps to keep the cost down of running these machines as well as reducing the need for using herbicides.

MANKAR Sprayers for Vineyards

MANKAR Sprayers

This mounted, ultra-low volume sprayer is ideal for large-scale row cultivation spraying herbicides along the rows. Comes with huge sustainable benefits:

• Uses pure rather than diluted chemicals (resulting in 50-80% reduction of herbicides)
• Creates far less compaction thanks to its small 6ltr tank
• Reduced drift due to accurate spraying & not being a pressurised system.
• Low energy consumption; powered by tractor 12V supply
• Available in different spray widths

OLMI De-Leafers for vineyards

OLMI De-Leafers

The Olmi vineyard de-leafer ensures optimal grape development and can save up to 30% of time compared to manual harvesting. The air that’s produced hits the leaves around the grapes ensuring a gentle but effective leaf removing system for vines.

FRIULI Vineyard Sprayers

FRIULI Sprayers

Perfectly designed for the vineyard market, reduce wastage with the impressive Friuli 2-Row Sprayer. These unique 2-row sprayers recirculate unused product creating a more sustainable, and efficient sprayer. Around 80% of spray is recirculated at the beginning of the season and around 20-25% saved on the last treatments. The seasonal average saving has been calculated around 50%.

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