Compact Electric Harvesters and Platforms

Compact Electric Harvesters and Platforms

Kirkland UK Import Electric Platforms and Harvesters

Electric Platforms and Harvesters

Here at Kirkland, we are always on the lookout for innovative new products that are technologically advanced and labour saving. After much research, we are excited to announce us as the UK importer for COMPACT Harvesters & Platforms. COMPACT is a unique company that introduced an electric or hybrid base where you can install different equipment: you can easily switch from the platform into belts for harvesting.

Partner of Kirkland UK, Scott Worsley is enthusiastic about this new venture:

“The COMPACT electric harvesters & platforms offer a solution to the increasing labour shortages that UK growers are currently facing. Being 100% electric, they will provide growers with maximum efficiency and reduced noise during harvest. We are still able to take orders for delivery this year, so please call us on 01622843013 for more information.”

Manufactured in Italy, these impressive harvesters are built with a unique levelling system, providing extra stability on steep slopes. There is also the optional extra of having tracks fitted, making them extremely adaptable in wet & rough terrain. Benefits include:

  • A lot of use with one charge of batteries: you can work up to 5 days with the platform (8h per day) and 3 days with the belts before recharging
  • With the automatic unloading of bins with belts for harvesting you can unload a full bin and load the empty one in LESS than 30 seconds
  • Increased productivity and reduced labour costs.

Marica Marchesi , international sales of COMPACT, explains why they decided to collaborate with Kirkland UK:

“We found Kirkland a very progressive partner, someone who knows the needs of the market and are open-minded people. We are also continuously studying new solutions for the market’s needs and with the right partner this will be easier. Kirkland is someone who is up-to-date with current trends, and finding partners like this means we can satisfy the requests of the market. Another important point for Kirkland is that we found someone who can offer the maintenance service, for us it is really an important point as we want to ensure our customers get the best back-up service 100% of the time.”

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