Duoprop Tower Sprayer 'the perfect all-rounder'

Duoprop Tower Sprayer 'the perfect all-rounder'

Repost from UK Fruit Grower, C E Murch on their recently delivered Duoprop Sprayer "We like the build quality, surprisingly good turning circle. We like the way the mower runs over even rutted ground. We like the spray cover, the agitation system and the accessibility around the sprayer.

The Duo's pattern is high enough for our wall apples and low enough to get under our cherry covers. It's the perfect all-rounder for all of our growing systems"

Recently delivered, the Duoprop Sprayer is another outstanding Kirkland model, this Duoprop is ideal for giving excellent coverage where height is limited (i.e under low covers, nets and tunnels) This machine is also ideal for raspberries, blackberries etc as we also produce a compact narrower version.

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